Monday, June 28, 2010

Why It's Good to be a Barbie

Now friends, all of you have heard the FABULOUS story about how Santa saved the "strep throat Christmas" by bringing ME the Barbie Party Bus.

Charlie dutifully put every piece together and every last decal into place.  Never had Barbie had such a fantastic ride.  Of course that's when it occurred to me that I had no Barbies with which to play in the Barbie Party Bus.  This would not do and I was not about to use the "Bad Hair Barbie" cast offs of the girls. 

So I waited patiently until the next Christmas.  And much to my SURPRISE, I received, not one, not two, but THREE uniquely different, ready to party, Barbies! 

So now we're ready for business!  It takes a "village" to create a proper Barbie scenario, so I invited the princesses to engage in a little poolside Barbie play.

We are definitely "safety girls" so our Barbies have only expertly qualified lifeguards.  We find that mermaids make excellent lifeguards.  All Barbies, even Mermaid Barbies, must limit their sun exposure.  These lovely ladies prefer Australian Gold SPF 30 with Instant Bronzer for that Barbie Girl Fun Glow!
Now, you may be wondering if that Barbie Party Bus actually sees some play time, but you will be glad to know that our Barbies want for nothing.  They have their own pool, as you can see, as well as their own mobile hot tub with lights and music.
And to be perfectly honest, I've relaxed a bit about all the little pieces, because, let's face it.  It's no fun to play Barbies with the Barbie Nazi looking over your shoulder constantly harping on all those little pieces getting lost, blah, blah, blah.  So we're rolling out the Barbie Party Bus for weekly fun in the sun.  Now all that's missing is a Ken with his head still attached.  Those dang Kens' heads just keep popping off.  I think that cell block tango from Chicago, might have something to do with it.  "He had it coming, you should have seen it.  If you'd have been there, bet you would have done the same....I fired two warning shots, into his head...."  Gotta LOVE Chicago!  ; )

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

I am a terrible blogger. It's official. Probably somewhere in the cyberworld of blogging, there is my picture with "Lazy Lima Bean" embossed across the bottom.

I have such good intentions and I truly want to document every little detail of every little thing I do, but quite frankly, I get caught up in DOING something fun rather than writing about it. Like floating in the pool with my precious puppy, Beau.

But all that's going to change! I have been inspired by my blogging sister friends. I am amazed at the clever posts and colorful photos. Quite frankly, I suffer from blog envy.
So, just get ready for news, opinions, chuckles and much more. I aim to please! So for now, let me leave you with a glimpse into my life.

This is merely a sample of the fabulous spa treatments available right here in my very own back yard. You see this incredible mud has unbelievable healing properties. It's often expertly applied and baked on.

Additional treatments are also available. Please call ahead for an appointment as walk-ins are not accepted. Stay tuned for more summer adventures...