Saturday, December 19, 2009

Charlie's Birthday Bash

Good friends joined me in wishing Charlie a very happy birthday! Lots of laughter rang through the house as the children decorated a gingerbread house and made stockings.

(John & Connie McCarty, Charlie, Bill & Kendra Clough & their daughter, Kendall)

The night would have never happened without my girlfriends (why is Connie not in this picture????). Because it was a surprise, nothing was prepared ahead of time so everyone pitched in to get our party foods rocking.

A party's not a party without a little karaoke. The girls and I love to sing it loud and sing it proud on Fun Friday nights. Charlie and I do a killer "Love Shack" and we laughed and sang (terribly, I might add). Later we karaoked to Christmas favorites and a little Madonna. The kids got into the fun with a little Taylor Swift.

Thankfully you cannot hear the audio. : )

But I am sure you can tell a good time was had by all.
Gracen was cracking up at the video Steven was shooting. Heaven help us if that ever shows up somewhere! Charlie might have been suspicious that something was planned, but we all had a great time!