Friday, July 2, 2010

Only in The Woodlands

There comes a time in a dog's life when the nails need to be clipped.  Now, I'll be honest with you and admit that I have dog nail trimmers and I have used this apparatus some 8 or so years ago on my beloved dog, TD (may he rest in peace).  I will also tell you that I would rather trim a newborn baby's nails with hedgetrimmers than to clip a dog's nails.  It's just frightening.  You can't tell what is nail and what is nail bed and the yelp that follows a clip to the nail bed is blood curdling. 

So what's a dog owner to do? 

We have no choice but to harness that puppy up and head to the doggie nail salon.

"We're going WHERE?"

That's right, we're going to take this puppy to have his nails clipped.  Who would have ever thought it would turn in to such an adventure. 

"I don't know about you, 
but this does NOT sound like a good idea to me."
So we headed out to "Natural Paws" for a little mani-pedi for our little pup.  It was a MAD HOUSE!  Two big dogs were in for grooming.  They were barking and carrying on and Beau just looked at them as if he was wondering why they would allow dogs in this place. 

It was almost like being in "Gina Nails" (and no, I didn't leave the apostrophe "s" off of Gina).  A little gal who looked like she was one of the girls who works at Gina Nails quickly clipped Beau's nails.  Then she pulled out her handy dandy nail drill (just like the ones they use for acryllic nails) and filed his nails.  No polish for Beau since he has those puffy paws.  Just a buff and shine and we were out the door. 

So now Beau has perfectly manicured paws.

And newly trimmed pads.


It's amazing what you can find in the Woodlands.  Let's just all be thankful that we have the good sense not to get this dog's nails painted shocking pink!  And for the record, I think Beau enjoyed his little outing.  He's completely metro-sexual.