Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heading Back to School

I never knew that sending my baby to kindergarten would be so emotional. It's like stepping onto a treadmill and increasing the speed to a sprint. Now the days buzz by in a blurr. Everything involves rushing to the next activities and time begins to pass at a greater rate of speed. This will be our life for the 12+ years. (Oh no, I'll be an empty nester in 13 short years!)

I watched Hope melt into the sea of children, still standing out with that strawberry blonde ponytail and the tell-tale "Tara's child" BOW. That last kiss good-bye, that last look back, that turn and rush into class and our lives were changed forever.

So now the role changes. I am transitioning from the mother of a preschooler to the mother of full-fledged elementary school students. Gracen is transitioning into the little mother who kindly walks her little sister to class. She relays messages to the kindergarten teacher and delivers correspondence rushing then on to her own third grade homeroom. Independence. Isn't that what we've been training them for? Then why does it seem to rob us of our well defined roles? What is it that they say? No one likes change?

So what's a girl to do? Volunteer, that's it! Getting involved will be the the door stop in the iron door of elementary school. So that's pretty much the path to PTO president. That's where I am. Soon I'll be qualified to join the Barnum and Bailey Circus with my incredible juggling skills.

But what I've learned from my time at the school is that there are many children who need me. There are children who need a friendly smile, a loving pat on the back and an adult who shows she cares. So in my quest to fill the empty spot in my mother role, I have found a sea of children who bless me with their sweet smiles and generous hugs. There are blessings to be found in everything!